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Dr Rupporn Sukpanich


  • Surgery

Sub Specialty

  • Breast Surgery

Routine Schedule

  • Saturday: 12.00-16.00


6th Floor, Counter D (WEST Lift)

Treatments And Services

  • • Thyroid Surgery
  • • Parathyroid Surgery


Clinical Research Fellowship - Endocrine Surgery
Department of Surgery, University of California San Francisco

Certification of Fellowship in Breast and Endocrine Surgery
Department of Surgery, Ramathibodi Hospital

Diploma Thai Board of General Surgery
Faculty of Medicine, Chiangmai University

Doctor of Medicine
Faculty of Medicine, Chiangmai University, Thailand


Thai Board of Surgery

Research And Publications

Likhitmaskul, T., Sukpanich, R., Visutdiphat, S., & Vassanasiri, W. (2015). Bilateral Idiopathic Granulomatous Mastitis: A Case Report. THE BANGKOK MEDICAL JOURNAL, 8.

Youwanush K., Chirappapha P, Kensakoo P , Sukpanich R, Wibulpolprasert P, Sukarayothin T,et al. (2017). Abdominal bulging and Hernia following pedicle Transverse Rectus Abdominis muscle musculocutaneous flap reconstruction in breast cancer patient: Ramathibodi’s hospital experience. J Med Assoc Thai, 100(9)

Co-writer in a book chapter: Lipofilling in breast surgery (Rama-Surgical forum): The collaboration for Problems Management 10

Co-writer in a book chapter: The use of lateral advancement flap (Rama –surgical forum): The collaboration for Problems management 10

Writer in a book chapter: Lipofilling and fat transfer (Part IV surgery in braest cancer): Surgical oncology of breast (published 2018)

Writer in a book chapter: Central quadrantectomy with inferior dermoglandular flap (Part IV surgery in breast): Surgical oncology of breast (published 2018)

Sutharat P,  S, Sanmee S, Chakrabandhu B, Siriwittayakorn P, Ko-iam W, Chongruksut W. Outcome and Recurrence Rate for Ligation of Intersphincteric Fistula Tract at Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital. J Med Assoc Thai 2018;101:1697-701

Chirappapha P, Somintara O, Lertsithichai P, Kongdan Y, Supsamutchai C, Sukpanich R. Complications and oncologic outcomes of pedicled transverse rectus abdominis myocutaneous flap in breast cancer patients. Gland Surg 2016;5(4):405-415. doi: 10.21037/gs.2016.07.01

Chirappapha, P., Sukpanich, R., Sukarayothin, T., Leesombatpaiboon, M., Trikunakonvong, N., Rattadilok, C., & Kongdan, Y. (2017). Inferior dermoglandular flap for central quadrantectomy in non-ptosis breast cancer patients. AME Medical Journal, 2(2).

Chirappapha P, Sukpanich R, Leesombatpaiboon M, Supsamutchai C, Sukarayothin T, Rattadilok C. (2018) Breast sharing for closure contralateral mastectomy defect. Ann Breast Surg, 2018;2:1

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Sukpanich R, Khanafshar E, Suh I, Gosnell J. Case report of a neuroendocrine tumor of the thyroid gland with limited calcitonin expression: a diagnostic challenge. AME Case Rep. 2019;3:12. Published 2019 May 14. doi:10.21037/acr.2019.05.01

Sukpanich R., Sanglestsawai S, Seib C, Gosnell J, Shen W, Roman S, Sosa JA, Duh QY, Suh I. The influence of cosmetic concerns on patient preferences for approaches to thyroid lobectomy: A discrete choice experiment, Thyroid, 2020