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Should I receive MODERNA as booster shot or not?


Should I receive MODERNA as booster shot or not?  Still under research study.

Currently, studies have been ongoing conducted in the USA and UK regarding the use of MODERNA as a booster shot after completed 2 primary shots.

The purpose of the study is to explore the possibility of the third shot as a Booster after the Homologous prime/boost vaccines.

COV-BOOST heterologous boosting study in UK.

DMID (NIH/NIAID) heterologous boosting study in USA

The study result will come out in a year time. Updates will be provided as the result become available.

Reviewed by
Asst.Prof. Mondej Sookpranee
Infectious Control Consultant
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Information as of July 2, 2021

Published: 07 Jul 2021