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Signed a partnership agreement with Ananda Development

MedPark Hospital signed a partnership agreement with Ananda Development Public Co. Ltd


Ananda partners with MedPark Hospital to deliver “Quality of Life” to Ananda residents

Bangkok – On 14 September 2022, Mr. Chanond Ruangkritya, CEO and Mr. Prasert Taedullayasatit, CEO Property of Ananda Development Public Co. Ltd signed a partnership agreement with Prof. Dr. Sin Anuras, CEO and Hospital Director and Dr. Pongpat Patanavanich, Managing Director of MedPark Hospital to offer privileges including Evergreen Lounge membership, medical treatment discounts, and seminars by specialty doctors as a part of “Quality of Life” to Ananda residents.

As a medical hub for high acuity and complex diseases in Southeast Asia, MedPark Hospital is prompt to provide medical care to Ananda residents with its medical specialists from different specialties, state-of-the-art technology, and continuous development and support for medical research.

This partnership will enhance the convenience of Ananda’s luxury project residents to access medical treatment and service as specified in the terms and conditions.  All of these come from the mission to deliver the best opportunities and quality of life as the urban living solutions to the new generations.

Published: 20 Sep 2022