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Infertility screening for Male & Female Package

Infertility screening for Male & Female Package


Infertility is an inability to achieve pregnancy in a couple trying to conceive with regular unprotected sexual intercourse 2-3 times per week for longer than one year. Statistically, 70 % of couples with regular sexual intercourse can conceive within the first six months, and 80% can become pregnant within 12 months.

That means 80 % of normal couples can have a child within one year. If you and your partner are barren, you should have a medical consultation and tests to diagnose if there is anything of concern.

You are planning to get pregnant, but you do not know if your body is ready for it. Some of you may have a fertility problem without realizing it. Wouldn’t it be helpful if there is something that can fulfill your dream as a parent?

Basic infertility screening for Male & Female Package
Price 8,690 THB 

Package details

  • Semen analysis for male
  • AMH testing to assess an ovarian reserve for female
  • Transvaginal ultrasound for female

Terms and Conditions

  1. Available for purchase now until 31 December 2024
  2. The prices include the professional fee of an OB/GYN physician specializing in infertility, nursing, and hospital service fees.
  3. The price excludes medications or expenses from additional diagnoses prescribed by a doctor.
  4. This package cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts or promotional offers or a third-party payer such as an insurance company or contract company.
  5. The price is valid only for Thai nationals and expatriates residing in Thailand.
  6. The screening items cannot be changed or exchanged for cash in any case.

Please make an appointment in advance at MedPark

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Published: 13 Feb 2023