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Neurofibromatosis refers to a group of genetic disorders causing tumors of the nerves under the skin over the entire body. Tumors in neurofibromatosis are usually benign; however, they can become malignant.

Chemotherapy: How to Use, Side Effects

Chemotherapy is a cancer treatment method using anti-cancer drugs containing chemicals to kill all cancer cells in the body while preventing cancer cells from dividing, growing, spreading

Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Test

An HPV DNA test is for detecting high-risk strains of HPV that can cause cervical cancer, including HPV 16 and 18, which account for most HPV-associated cancers. There are fourteen known oncogenic HPV strains altogether.

Can people with heart disease exercise? What are the caveats?

Many believe that heart disease patients benefit from regular relaxation. However, moving and exercising is necessary for heart and overall health. This article outlines the appropriate, beneficial, and safe levels of exercise for individuals

MIS: Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Spinal nerve decompression surgery is typically considered the final option. In this article, Dr. Tewajetsada Paruang, a surgeon specializing in neurological spine surgery at MedPark Hospital, elaborates on the minimally invasive spine surgery

Patients can not only walk but also run and do push-ups too

Surgery for complicated bone fractures relies on orthopedic trauma specialists, as well as full complements of instruments and a team of medical staff. Around 50% - 60% of orthopedic patients are not joint replacement patients nor those with spinal

Dietitian: Person who treats and rehabilitates patients with food

the registered dietitian. Registered dietitians are one of the professions that play a significant role in supporting the treatment and rehabilitation of patients in hospitals. Many people may not be aware of regarding the work of dietitians in hospitals.

TLIF Surgery: Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion

TLIF surgery (transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion) is a spinal fusion technique for treating degenerative discs in the lumbar spine that cause lumbar vertebrae to slip out of place, press the nerves

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Patients do not have to endure pain if they come to the right place at the right time.

“Pain Clinics provide holistic care, possible only in large hospitals where all doctors are on the same page.” share his journey to becoming a pain management doctor and bring to light the pain intervention specialist methods for eliminating pain.

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