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MedPark Hospital’s short videos

Every question leads to action for vital changes. New, innovative approaches lead to these 3 short videos.


What if? | MedPark Hospital

What would happen if people started asking questions to effect changes?

This is a story of questioning things around us. Is it possible for us to make changes to our society, environments, or even ourselves? Many may be difficult, but the most important is whether we have pushed hard enough.

At MedPark Hospital, we believe questions are paramount. Because they lead us to break conventional boundaries, questions draw us together to build a hospital, codesigned by doctors in every detail for the most efficient treatment and maximal patient benefits, gravitating leading medical professionals of all stripes to blaze a new trail of treatment approaches.

MedPark Formula | MedPark Hospital

Is it possible for MedPark Hospital to build a new work culture for safer and more efficient treatment?

 At MedPark, we don’t just design buildings but create an entirely new culture of collaboration based on the no hierarchy concept. The multi-disciplinary team of doctors works together at every step to provide the most efficient, best, and safe continuum of patient care.

Crafted by Doctors | MedPark Hospital

Who would have ever thought that doctors would take part in designing a hospital?

 Is it possible for the foremost doctors in the country to aggregate and collaborate in designing their dream hospitals in Thailand? Only medical specialists could fathom the minutiae intricacies of medical care. Only they know what is the most important and safest for their patients.
At MedPark Hospital, teams of doctors and architects work hand-in-hand to design the hospital in every detail and area, such as:

  • Lobby atrium garden, relaxing, soothing to the eyes by a green oasis of plants, home-like warmth, and cozy decoration.
  • Sky rehabilitation garden and hydrotherapy pools that allow patients to touch nature, not just provide a view.
  • Consulting rooms with innovative design; no barrier between doctor and patient, not even the desk or computer monitor is in the way.
  • ICU rooms designed for close monitoring, with private restrooms for abled patients to live their lives as normally as possible.

All of these receive consideration with the patient’s benefit foremost in mind for the best treatment result.

Published: 05 Apr 2021