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Hemodialysis Center (Private Bed)

3rd Floor, Counter C (EAST Lift)

Tel. 02-090-3126

8:00 am.- 8:00 pm.

Hemodialysis Center

Kidney failure patients need special care, particularly during hemodialysis, due to their weaker physical state and the need to be dialyzed frequently. Hemodialysis Center at MedPark Hospital provides comfort to patients with private rooms, JCI-certified medical devices and equipment as in other leading private hospitals worldwide, and a carefully selected team of doctors, nurses, and health care personnel with over 10-year experience in kidney failure patient care for optimal patients’ satisfaction and convenience during every run of hemodialysis.

ICU-Standard Safety and State-of-the-Art Equipment

At MedPark’s private-room Hemodialysis Center, the safety and efficiency of hemodialysis equivalent to ICU standards are our top priorities. We install a specialized air-ventilation system to filter out microorganisms and PM 2.5; use ultrapure water at the same purity grade as intravenous fluid for dialysis. Copper is padded in specific areas to prevent infection. The improved removal of metabolic waste allows patients to discern the difference – they have a brighter complexion, more stable blood pressure, and experience less fatigue or weakness.

There are 20 beds in the center which can accommodate up to 60 patients per day. Each bed is in a secluded room for the privacy and comfort of patients and their support persons. Experienced nurses can attentively care for and promptly help patients in case of discomfort or emergency. The ratio of nurses to patients is 1:2.

Personal Physician” with Holistic Care Team Concept

Because patients need regular dialysis – many times a week, doctors come to know and understand the patients well. At MedPark Hospital, the patient-centered primary care concept is the main focus. Doctors are close to patients as if they are family members. They provide holistic care and collaborate with doctors from other fields for necessary specialty-specific advice.

Our doctor team consists of American-board-certified kidney disease specialists of Thailand who completed studies and clinical training in the United States of America. The nursing team has over a decade of extensive experience in kidney failure patient care. Therefore, they have a deep understanding of the needs and particularities of kidney disease patients, possess the expertise to deliver care with utmost comfort, and are proficient in efficiently caring for patients with high-complexity conditions.

Co-Designed by Kidney Disease Specialists. Family-like Patient Care.

Because we understand the anxiety and condition of patients who require regular dialysis, most have physical limitations. More than 50% are wheelchair-bound and have advanced age. Hemodialysis Center, purposely situated on the 3rd floor, so that relatives can conveniently drop off the patients right in front of the center. They can then directly enter the center without having to wait for an elevator. The center is in a zone with strict hygiene control to lower the risk of infection.

With over a decade of experience, expertise, modern equipment, and high safety standards, we are well-versed in providing comfort and taking care of patients with maximum safety. Patients can experience convenience and comfort during dialysis and return home to lead quality living.

Diseases We Treat

  • Single-use hemodialysis filter
  • Online HDF
  • Therapeutic plasmapheresis
  • Hemodialysis for Covid inpatients

Medical procedure

  • Outpatient hemodialysis
  • Inpatient hemodialysis
  • Emergency hemodialysis (24-hour service)

Special inspection tools and technology

  • 16 Online HDF hemodialysis units
  • Ultrapure RO water system


  • Single-use hemodialysis filter
  • Online HDF
  • Therapeutic plasmapheresis
  • Living Donor Kidney Transplantation
  • Kidney biopsy