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Nephrology Center

8th Floor, Counter B (EAST Lift)

Tel. 02-090-3122

8:00 am.- 8:00 pm.

Nephrology Center

Kidney disease is one of the most common chronic diseases in Thai people. It is estimated that approximately 8-10 million Thai people have kidney disease. The Integrated Nephrology Center at MedPark Hospital carefully selects teams of doctors, nurses, and staff with over ten years of experience to work together deploying modern equipment with the same standard as the world’s leading private hospitals. This makes the Nephrology and Hemodialysis Center at MedPark Hospital in position to help patients carry on their lives despite kidney disease while maintaining good life quality and strong mental health.


Comprehensive Services with JCI Standards and a Multidisciplinary Team of Specialists

MedPark Integrated Nephrology Center is a specialized center providing comprehensive care to kidney disease patients ranging from screening test, diagnosis, follow-up care, to caring for patients with stage V kidney disease who require hemodialysis. The center is equipped with the same model of cutting edge equipment meeting JCI standards as many of the world’s leading private hospitals.

The doctors at the center are Thailand leading nephrologists who were educated and had undergone specialty training in the United States with certification by the American Board of Nephrology. They also work closely with integrated, multidisciplinary teams of doctors or specialists in all related fields, such as heart diseases, diabetes, hematologic diseases, and dietitians working as a team to clearly discern patient condition and to determine the most effective treatment method and care with the main objectives of preventing diseases from developing for patients who do not have any abnormalities related to their kidneys, to slow the progression of the disease when the kidneys are abnormal, and to provide care for patients requiring hemodialysis when kidney disease reaches stage V, as well as kidney transplant surgery.

Furthermore, the nurses at the center also have over ten years of extensive experience in taking care of kidney disease patients. For this reason, they genuinely understand the needs and conditions of kidney patients and possess the knowledge and technical skill to render the most comfortable care as possible and are keen in handling higher complexity kidney patients effectively.


Designed by Nephrologists and Caring like Family Members

Because we truly understand kidney disease patients’ concerns and conditions, especially those on chronic hemodialysis who mostly are scantly able to help themselves, the center was designed by prioritizing the patients’ and caretakers’ convenience and safety, and the effective collaboration between doctors and nurses. The design team consulted with nephrologists to plan the layout, points of service, and equipment placements to conform to the workflow of the doctors and to be convenient for patients and their relatives, as well as a pleasant mood and feel of the center. For example, choosing a table that is not too wide for the examination room aimed to foster a close connection between the patient and the doctor without physically confronting each other, but instead creating a relaxed feeling like two close relatives having conservation; the sink is installed in a position that is most convenient for doctors.


Caring for Even Difficult and Complex Diseases

Kidney disease patients often have comorbidities or are in a state that requires special care, such as patients with blood hypercoagulability and kidney transplant patients with certain viral infections. Nephrologists at the center are experienced and eager to provide care and adjust treatment methods or medications in a timely manner to reduce the risk to the patient’s life and accomplish an effective treatment outcome. On top of that, they also collaborate with other specialists to further enhance the effectiveness of the treatment.

MedPark Nephrology Center is disposed to care for patients like family members. With over ten years of accumulated expertise and experience of the doctors and nurses, using modern equipment  with the same standard as the world’s leading private hospitals to make kidney disease patients feel at ease and able to lead their life with quality and without concern.