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Rheumatology Center

8th Floor, Counter B (EAST Lift)

Tel. 02-090-3122

8:00 am.- 8:00 pm.

Rheumatology Center

The MedPark Hospital’s Rheumatology Center is well equipped to diagnose and treat rheumatic diseases, which involve autoimmune and inflammatory conditions affecting the muscular system including joints and tendons. Abnormalities may impact blood vessels, skin, nerves and tissues, as well as internal organs.

There are more than 100 illnesses in the category of rheumatic diseases. They include inflammatory/degenerative conditions of the tendons, muscles and bones; inflammatory arthritis; sprains; muscle strain; gout; pseudogout; osteoporosis; trigger fingers; chronic and complicated illnesses; diseases related to the immune system; disorders that do not have any clear cause such as Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE); psoriatic arthritis; scleroderma; vasculitis; recurrent miscarriage in pregnancy, and more.

Extensive Experiences + Modern Technologies for Accurate Diagnosis

Treatments for rheumatic diseases require medical extensive experience combined with modern technologies and devices. While some diseases like inflammatory arthritis, muscle pain and gout are easy to diagnose because they present with clear symptoms, others are difficult to define and the cause is hard to determine, such as in case of chronic fever and recurrent miscarriage. Phlebitis in infants, which is caused by a fungus, also has no specificity and is thus difficult to identify. Rheumatic diseases can occur in people of all ages – from infants to those older than 90 years. Sensitivity to each patient and experience is this broad field is therefore essential for accurate diagnosis and treatments.

At the MedPark Hospital’s Rheumatology Center, highly experienced medical specialists from every field work as part of a multidisciplinary team. By leveraging modern technologies for accurate detailed blood tests and quick results, diagnosis of symptoms and provision of treatments that directly address the cause of illnesses is fast and accurate, preventing patients’ conditions from deteriorating to a point where they are unable to live a normal, happy life.

Knowledge Upgrade

Guided by the MedPark Hospital’s policy to upgrade/transfer knowledge and conduct research, the Rheumatology Center places importance on  holistic development. It has brought together a team of highly experienced doctors, acquired modern technology for in-depth diagnoses and efficient treatment, and has prepared a well-equipped facility with a relaxing ambience for patients. It also fully support its doctors and staff in their work, giving them the opportunity to acquire more knowledge/training and greater ability in patient care.

Our Clinical Service

  • Medical treatments for joints and rheumatism.
  • Synovial fluid analysis

Diseases We Treat

  • Joints and rheumatism


  • Synovial fluid analysis
  • Hydrocortisone injections


  • Pediatric joints and rheumatism