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Don't stop helping the patient (Endless Efforts)

One of the leading infectious disease specialists with deep experience in caring for Thai and foreign patients for over 30 years. He is well-known for his innovative solutions...

Asst.Prof.Dr Mondej Sookpranee
A doctor specializing in Infectious Disease

Asst. Prof. Dr Mondej Sookpranee is a doctor specializing in Infectious Disease, one of the leading infectious disease specialists with deep experience in caring for Thai and foreign patients for over 30 years. He is well-known for his innovative solutions with outstanding achievements in preventing serious infectious diseases.

He joins MedPark because of shared vision with other hospital’s physician co-founders of a life-long commitment to develop an extraordinary hospital with an aim to elevate MedPark hospital to be a medical institution with excellence in 3 areas including medical care, training, and research. This will be the distinction and strength which no other private hospitals in Thailand have ever initiated before.

Asst. Prof. Dr Mondej is inspired and passionate to carry on the determination of transforming MedPark Hospital to be an institution capable of new knowledge discovery and solutions for infectious diseases indigenous in the country through intensive research, particularly for tropical infectious diseases, HIV, nosocomial infections, infectious diseases among travelers, immunocompromised patients, and general infectious diseases.

“In the future, I would like to promote medical innovations which have a great impact to medical science. This is a proactive approach which will have important bearings on national and global patient care and treatment.”

Asst. Prof. Dr Mondej adheres to his “Endless Efforts” principle and endless attempts to help patients. Doctors must always give all-out effort to ensure the highest survival chance. He has always made proactive plans with the goal to provide medical care above and beyond conventional medical standards.

Hitherto, his proven ability and infectious disease management has gained recognition at national and international level. His accomplishments include the discovery of the cause of death due to intravenous catheter-associated infections from bacterial contamination, which inspires a design of intravenous catheter which effectively prevent intravascular catheter-related infections. Subsequently, the Joint Commission International (JCI) has adopted the practice as a benchmark to evaluate hospitals’ standard of treatment.

Pre-emptive isolation precaution is another new standard-setting initiative for the care of ICU patients transferred from another hospital. There will be a systematic depository of patient records and patients with drug resistance will be immediately isolated without waiting for the result of culture to prevent the infection spreading to other ICU patients. This is recognized by JCI which adopts it as a practice guideline as well.

In addition to the comprehensive infectious disease management to meet the expectations of patients, Asst. Prof. Dr Mondej realizes the importance of continuous physician development to prepare next generations of executives and teaching staffs who can carry on the resolution of MedPark hospital and to prevent the lack of future medical experts and specialists.