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Picosecond Laser

a technology that helps treat freckles, blemishes and wrinkles

Picosecond Laser is a technology that helps treat freckles, blemishes and wrinkles, as well as stimulates the production of collagen to make the skin smooth and wrinkle-free. Picosecond Laser is also used to remove tattoos. With the innovation of the Picosecond Laser that provides high energy in a short time, it can cause the colour pigment to break down thoroughly and results in less treatment time than other laser techniques. It also destroys a specific colour pigment without either causing damaged tissues or thinning the skin.

Picosecond Laser can be used for problems that arise on the face, arms, back, hands and other parts of the body. It can be also used to treat pigmentation that occurs on the lips, armpits and the base of the breast.

The results

In general, the results can be seen after 1-2 treatments in people with freckle problems. The results will be noticeable after 5-6 sessions of continuous treatment in people with more severe problems. However, the effects of a tattoo removal treatment may vary according to the intensity and quality of the color used for the tattoo. The frequency of laser treatment is 1 time per month for freckle and 2 times for tattoo removal.

Advice before and after Picosecond Laser

Before the treatment

You are advised to avoid outdoor activities for at least 2 weeks prior to treatment. If you have a history of drug allergy, especially anesthetics or other medical conditions, you should inform your doctor before receiving the treatment. However, the use of cosmetics, nourishing creams, including hairspray, should be avoided at the laser treated area.

After the treatment

  • Do not use soap or makeup on the laser treatment area until the scabs are completely removed.
  • Avoid contact with water for 2 days after the treatment. If the wound gets in water, pat it dry with a clean cloth.
  • Apply medical cream or Vaseline ointment strictly according to your doctor’s instructions.
  • Do not scratch, peel, rub or do anything that will cause any impact and rub the wound.
  • See a doctor immediately if any abnormalities occur in the wound, such as a rash, swelling, redness, pustules and pain or itching.


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