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Department of Anesthesiology


Anesthesiologists play a vital role in ensuring the safety of patients undergoing surgery or medical procedures in both regular and emergency cases, and in all surgical fields. MedPark therefore has selected a team of anesthesiologists with extensive experience and expertise in subspecialties including cardiac anesthesia and pediatric anesthesia as well as in the use of state-of-the-art technology.

At MedPark, the preanesthetic evaluation is the most important stage. Based on ASA (American Society of Anesthesiologists), the international standards of the medical practice of anesthesiology, the anesthesiologists ensure the patients will be ready for their operations, reduce postoperative or anesthetic-related complications and thereby accelerate patient recovery.

In addition, the anesthesiologists will work closely with the surgeons for general anesthesia or local anesthesia before, during and after the procedure with the aim to keeping the patient safe and comfortable. The effective anesthesia care will also help the surgeons deal confidently with any complications that might occur. Clinical anesthesiologists and nurse anesthetists are on duty at all times of day and night.

Prior to elective surgery, the anesthesiologists will help the patients relax and feel confident about their safety. They will also explain plans for pediatric anesthesia to parents to reduce distress. In the case of newborn babies or infants with very low birth weight, anesthesia requires a highly experienced neonatal pediatric anesthesiologist.

After surgery, the team will monitor the patient’s condition over 24 hours to check for anesthetic-related complications and manage pain control, a key duty of anesthesiologists. And because the physical therapy department has a vital role to play in caring for the patient after surgery, the anesthesiologists will coordinate with the physical therapists to help the patients move their muscles correctly in a program tailored to each individual.


Cutting-edged technology

In addition to experienced anesthesiologists, MedPark uses advanced medical equipment to help these clinical specialists improve anesthesia efficiency, especially in ensuring patient safety and reducing any complications from anesthesia.

The video laryngoscope is one of the state-of-the art technologies and an important tool in anesthesia procedures. The anesthesiologist has just 4 minutes to complete intubation following the administration of the anesthetic and the video laryngoscope is vital for patients with difficult airways, especially those requiring emergency surgery. Combined with the readiness of highly experienced physicians, advanced technology enables MedPark to provide patient care in all circumstances rapidly and safely.

Furthermore, MedPark uses ultrasound to guide the injection of local anesthetics for brachial plexus nerve block to ensure correct placement near the nerves for an optimum outcome.