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Geriatric Clinic

8th Floor, Counter C (EAST Lift)

Tel. 02-090-3129

8:00 am.- 8:00 pm.

Geriatric Clinic

Thailand is transitioning to a bona fide aging society, with the over 60s accounting for more than 20% of the total population. The elderly is fast becoming society’s largest age-group. Geriatric care is inevitably gaining in importance. The Geriatric Clinic at MedPark Hospital provides care to prevent risks, offer treatment, and restore wellness for the best life quality of the elderly and their family.

We aim to help the elderly maintain their current state of health and be self-reliant for as long as possible. The primary approach is evaluating general health risks through blood testing, X-ray imaging, and providing treatment according to the standard guideline. Besides this, the Geriatric Clinic also does a comprehensive assessment of the physical ability and mental faculties to uncover significant changes or signs of deterioration or diseases such as communication problems, i.e., repeating sentences, and insomnia, which are problematic to the elderly, and their caregivers.

Holistic Care
Because the body organ systems are interconnected and tend to degenerate simultaneously due to aging, a holistic approach lies at the heart of our geriatric care. In addition to treating disparate medical conditions, we emphasize a multidisciplinary team approach, bringing physician specialists in various fields and other health care professionals to collaboratively provide holistic geriatric care. We educate family members and caregivers to enable them to assist and care for the elderly with compassion, efficiency, and safety.

Patient convenience was a priority in the design and layout of our Geriatric Clinic. Every service, including diagnostic examination, occupational therapy, physical therapy, pharmacy dispensing, and payment counter, are all in one place with due consideration of the physical limitations and safety of patients as a primary concern

4 Strategic Cores: Prevent, Develop, Treat, and Restore

  • Our geriatric clinic has four primary roles: prevention, development, treatment, and restoration to cover all aspects, easily remembered with the 3Bs mnemonic – Brain, Body, and Bone.
  • Brain: Maintain sharp memory, ability for activities of daily living, physical capabilities, and mental faculties to delay brain degeneration, significant factors having a direct bearing on independent living.
  • Body: Detect underlying conditions such as heart disease, renal deterioration, and diabetes through blood tests, X-ray imaging tests, upper and lower abdomen ultrasound, bone densitometry, or harnessing advanced technology that provides detailed and accurate results to help doctors layout treatment plan and restore the health of the elderly more effectively.
  • Bone: Focus on examining and caring for bone and joint health, walking, and maintaining balance to prevent fall injuries and cracked or fractured bone, which can lead to a bedridden state.