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Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

5th Floor, Counter B (EAST Lift)

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8:00 am.- 8:00 pm.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation is commonly and erroneously known as “Physical Therapy.” However, the scope of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation is broader and encompasses assessment, treatment planning utilizing various modes of rehabilitation, for example, mobility, swallowing , speech, and muscle training, or the improvement of physical fitness for returning to normal or as close to normal status as possible after surgery, severe injury, accident; or for preventing fall in the elderly. A team of physiatrists make diagnosis and supervise the treatment by physical therapists with assistance from multidisciplinary specialist care teams in various fields, such as occupational therapist, nutritionist, dietitians, and clinical psychologist who are ready to provide support to ensure full rehabilitation and to give care in every elements of living.

The main objective of the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Center is to restore the lost physical capabilities due to an illness or age-related deterioration, prevent health risks, and attain the highest fitness potential for sport performances.


Complete and Modern

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Center at MedPark Hospital is outfitted with modern technology and equipment to help restore the patient’s physical fitness to its full potential. One-stop service is implemented for patients’ convenience by locating on the same floor with Orthopedic Center and Neurology Clinic where the majority of patients have movement disorders such as stroke, Parkinson’s disease, and postoperative orthopedic patients who require physical rehabilitation.

Moreover, the center was designed with the patients’ interests getting top priority.  For example, the examination and the rehabilitation rooms are placed near each other, so that doctor can always drop by to personally observe the patient during the rehabilitation activities.

There are two hydrotherapy pools at MedPark Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Center. Moreover, it is the first Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Center in Thailand that features a rehabilitation garden paved with different surface textures for patients to practice walking, train their tactile sensory perception and their balance in a pleasant, tepid outdoor environment as the building is oriented to receive indirect sunlight from the north and south directions.


Restore Full Physical Potential

MedPark Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Center provides wide ranging services that cover many areas:

  • Prehabilitation: Preparing patients before surgery to prevent postoperative complications. For example, breathing exercise to reduce postoperative pain and improve lung function, ambulation with a walker.
  • Rehabilitation: Rehabilitation is conducted after surgery or injuries in which medical specialist and therapist will jointly assess and plan a rehabilitation program appropriate for each patient.
  • Wellness: Health promotion or preventive care treat, restore, and promote physical fitness especially for the elderly, so that they can transition into their senior years with good life quality. For instance, fall prevention and balance training, workout to increase regional muscles strength.

Musculoskeletal Therapy Service

Trigger fingers, office syndrome, ruptured tendon, frozen shoulder, or musculoskeletal diseases that are encountered nowadays with increasing frequency stemming from modern way of life where people often engage in certain repetitive motions causing muscle and ligament inflammation and strain. Some of these maladies can be treated with innovative technology in rehabilitation medicine without surgery.


5-Minute Trigger Finger Cure

A 2019 National Research Council award winning innovative trigger finger treatment with ultrasound-guided percutaneous needle surgery is routinely practiced here. Specialist doctor performs ultrasound examination of the area around the trigger finger before inserting a needle to cut the swollen and thickened tendon sheath encasing and constricting the tendon causing pain and impeding mobility of the tendon. This innovative technique requires only 5 minutes of procedural time and can be performed right in the examination room obviating the need for large-incision open surgery resulting in treatment cost that is 30% lower. Patients on blood thinners do not need to stop their medications entailing increased safety and there is no suture that has to be removed. Patient can resume their normal activities immediately after the procedure.

This same innovative technique can be applied to treat numbness of fingers and hand caused by carpal tunnel syndrome as well as De Quervain’s tenosynovitis.


Treatment for Musculoskeletal (MSK) Pain

Pain from repetitive stress injury caused by activities using computer keyboard, mouse, mobile phone or computer gaming for extended period of time can precipitate shoulder, scapular, neck, and back pain.

Patient’s problem will be assessed and treatment plan prescribed by physical medicine doctor. Experienced physical therapists will then coach the patients to do the prescribed exercises on their own for the long-term active rehabilitation at home.

MedPark Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Center is equipped with modern technologies and equipment that can help alleviate musculoskeletal pain, such as high-power laser stimulating repairs and reduces tissue inflammation that can promptly reduce pain, shockwave therapy equipment to reinjure and stimulate tissue repair and secretion of analgesic chemicals which is expected natural phenomenon, and manual therapy such as shoulder manipulation.


Rehabilitation of Neurological Patients

Patients with paresis, paralysis, Parkinson’s disease, brain or spinal injuries can receive mobility, swallowing, and speech rehabilitation training by team of subspecialized, skilled physical therapists with insight into the patients’ limitations and constrained physical capability; utilizing innovative tools and hydrotherapy which provides buoyancy support to effectively reduce the risk of injuries.


Rehabilitation of Heart and Lung Disease Patients

Patients who require heart surgery receive preoperative assessment and preparation from physiatrists for breathing, walking, mobility training until they are adept with the activities so that patients can more effectively regain their physical abilities after surgery. Patients will be able to get out of bed and able to rely on themselves as soon as possible. Preoperative, rather than postoperative training and practicing give better outcome because it is not hindered by postoperative pain and limitations that preclude effective training.


Elderly Healthcare for Independent Living

The elderlies will be content with life when they can live independently without a burden of their families. MedPark Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Center is staffed by a team of experienced doctors and therapists who are ready to assist the elderlies attain a healthful life with exercise program to build muscle strength which is instrumental in maintaining body balance. This will reduce fall risks and foster the ability to stand, sit, or stoop down to pick up an object as well as using the bathroom safely.

Furthermore, the Center is equipped with pneumatic exercise equipment to soften physical impact of weight training exercise to promote muscle strength and flexibility of the elderlies. The Center also provides care for patients with osteoporosis to prevent bone fracture which is the primary cause of bed confinement, death, and loss of life quality in the elderlies.

MedPark Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Center strives to help patients regain their lost physical capabilities and restoring their physical fitness to their full potential for better life quality, freedom, and independence.



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