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Critical Care Center

Critical Care Center, MedPark Hospital

Tel. 02-023-3333

24 hours.

MedPark Hospital is ready to care and treat critically ill patients 24/7 in a dedicated self-contained area of the hospital, adhering to the principle of teamwork together with the efficient use of advanced medical equipment combined with the expertise and experience in saving lives of patients with life threatening conditions. There is also a team of emergency medical specialists backed by a multidisciplinary team of critical care physicians ready to provide care for all emergency patients coming through the hospital door round the clock.

Emergency Medicine Department:

  • A contingent of doctor and nurses specialized in emergency medicine stands ready to provide prompt emergency care 24/7, equipped with mobile medical equipment and ambulances for land and air transport of critically ill patients.
  • Dedicated emergency department CT Scanner for timely accurate diagnosis, obviating unnecessary and time-consuming movement of the patient.
  • The Negative Pressure Room is constructed to create negative pressure at level exceeding the standard to confidently prevent the inside room air from recirculating back into the building. The ante room is housed between a Double Door to prevent infectious agents from spreading out when entering or leaving the room. There is an area for staff to don personal protective hazmat suits to ensure safety for healthcare workers and other patients.
Critical Care: 
  • MedPark has as many as 130 ICU and CCU bed spaces, or 30% of the total hospital bed capacity, the largest single critical care unit in the country. To date 65 of these are open.  Critical care nurse will closely and continuously monitor the patient at 1:1 ratio from a nurse station located immediately adjacent to the glass wall of the ICU unit for timely assistance and intervention. There is also a special acuity convertible 18-room ward that can be instantly transformed into an ICU so that patient can remain with their families and simultaneously receive critical medical and nursing care.
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU):
  • In addition to being staffed by neonatologists, the unit is also equipped with medical equipment and devices for newborns requiring special neonatal care, such as infant respirator, high-frequency ventilators, nitric oxide administration for pulmonary hypertension, vital signs monitoring equipment, neonatal incubators to warm and keep body temperature stable, ventilator equipped transport incubator, infant cardiopulmonary resuscitation cart, intravenous infusion pumps, phototherapy for neonatal jaundice, etc.
Operating Room:
  • Extra-large, spacious modern operating room to accommodate ever increasing high-tech ancillary surgical instruments for modern surgical procedures requiring multidisciplinary collaboration among surgeons, radiologists, cardiologists, anesthesiologists, nurses and radiology technicians. The operating room is designed for cleanliness, sterility, safety, optimal pressure, temperature, and humidity control meeting or exceeding international standards.
  • State-of-the-art Hybrid OR enables diagnostic and treatment processes to take place simultaneously reducing treatment time and blood loss conducive to a faster recovery.  It is especially suitable and advantageous for high risk patients with complex disease who are not candidate for traditional open surgery. The hybrid OR is equipped with Artis Icono Biplane Interventional Angiography System providing images that clearly delineate the size and precise spatial location of blood vessels as well as its pathology. The operating table move in sync with the angiography system for rapid workflow; its carbon fiber tabletop provide full length x-ray transparency allowing whole body intervention in multiple specialties spanning from neurological, cardiovascular to radiological intervention.
Infection Control:
  • To accommodate seriously ill patients who have increased risk of infection, MedPark raises the bar on hospital infectious disease prevention measures. MedPark is geared toward treating, in particulars, severe and difficult to treat infection caused by multi-drug resistant organisms and highly contagious diseases. Special processes have been instituted for the safe transportation and care of infectious patients.
  • 8 Negative Pressure Rooms with the same properties and functionality as previously described.
  • Automatic Patient Bed Washer Chamber utilizing high pressure water jet at temperature of 60-90o Celsius to efficiently and effectively clean every nook and cranny of surgical instruments and entire patient bed or operating table to prevent them acting as fomites to disseminate infectious organisms.
Specialized nursing team: Intensive care nurses specially trained to be ready to save lives and take care of critical patients efficiently and professionally.

Simulation Center: MedPark is earnest in its effort to develop and maintain the clinical skills, dexterity, expertise and confidence of professional staff in various fields for effective care and good patient outcome.

Rooftop Helipad: Providing 24/7 readiness to receive patient coming in via medical air ambulance. A CPR room is situated near the helipad for immediate optimal advanced life support as soon as the patient arrives at the hospital.