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Urology Clinic

6th Floor, Counter D (WEST Lift)

Tel. 02-090-3076

8:00 am.- 8:00 pm.

Urology Clinic

Our Urology Clinic provides care and treatment for all urological diseases – both general and complex diseases – by a team of urological specialists, experienced nurses, and modern medical technology so patients are cured and able to resume their daily life.

General and Complex Diseases
Urology Clinic at MedPark Hospital can provide care and treatment for any abnormalities of urological tract on the premise without the need to transfer patients to other hospitals. We can treat the whole urological tract ranging from ureter, bladder, urethra, prostate gland, testicles, scrotum, to male reproductive system as well as general urological conditions such as kidney stone, bladder stone, urinary incontinence, urinary tract infection, or other urological conditions leading to erectile dysfunction, and high acuity and complex diseases such as kidney cancer, kidney infection, bladder cancer, drug-resistant cancer, or patients with comorbidity such as heart disease, coronary artery disease, kidney disease, and diabetes. We collaborate with specialists from other medical fields to give a holistic patient care.

Our urological specialists are highly experienced and internationally recognized. They have surgical expertise and use modern medical devices and technology for efficient and precise treatment such as laparoscopy or radiology which can efficiently kill specific cancer cells and cause minimal side effects to the surrounding tissues or organs. In some cases, an open surgery, blood transfusion, urinary catheter may not be necessary, and patients do not have to stay overnight at the hospital, reducing the risk of infection or complication. Patients can rapidly recover and resume their daily life faster.

Disease Prevention
Taking a screening test for signs of abnormalities to prevent to onset of disease is extremely essential as it can identify the risk of developing diseases. An annual prostate screening test, for example, involves a blood test and urine flow test. If any abnormalities are detected at the early stage, they can be treated before the disease progresses to the advanced stage.

Medical Clinic Co-designed by Doctors
One of the policies of MedPark Hospital is to involve doctors in the hospital design and service and treatment management for the best benefits of health care personnel and patients. The medical specialist team shared their opinions during the preparation and construction and set a standard of operation and health care service for the optimal comfort and convenience of patients. The team hand-picked health care professionals who have experience and expertise in multiple fields, selected the most advanced and efficient medical diagnostic devices and technology for the best treatment outcome, and set a reasonable service fee for patients to receive quality, convenient, and impressive medical service.

Clinical Training Center
Being highly equipped with a team of specialists with extensive clinical and academic experience and advanced medical equipment and technology as well as having good relationship with national and international medical schools, MedPark Hospital has a mission to pass on the know-how and experience to develop quality health care personnel.

Urology Clinic at MedPark Hospital aims to provide a quality treatment and service to patients with urological diseases with holistic care to elevate the quality of patient’s life and promote a healthy society.