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Surgical Clinic

6th Floor, Counter D (WEST Lift)

Tel. 02-090-3076

8:00 am.- 8:00 pm.

Surgical Clinic

Safety is the overriding priority in every operation.  Hence, Surgical Clinic at MedPark Hospital focuses on and pay attention to the details of every step of the operation for maximum accuracy and efficiency to ensure a smooth, safe operation regardless of whether they are minor, major, general, difficult and high complexity operations, elective, or emergency surgeries; use of sophisticated surgical  instruments such as laparoscopic surgery, robotic assisted surgery to create superior user experience not only for the surgery itself, but also for service quality of patient journey beginning from searching for information, making appointment, diagnosis, preadmission, preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative phases of surgery to treatment and recovery.


Team of Experienced Surgeons

 The team of surgeons at MedPark Hospital is highly experienced with over 28 years of experience. They are proficient in all types of surgery, including scarless surgery such as surgery using natural orifice through the mouth or rectum. Regardless of surgeon’s expertise and specialty, everyone shares the same goal, which is patient safety.  Surgeons will collaborate and work as a team with other physicians and medical staff including anesthesiologists, nurse anesthetists, and surgical nurses to accurately diagnose and operate with precision to accomplish the surgical goal and attain a successful outcome.


JCI Standards Operating Room

The operating room at MedPark Hospital has the capacity to accommodate large number of patients as we have over ten operating rooms meeting JCI standards, including a spacious hybrid operating room, where several types of surgery and intervention can be performed at the same sitting.  Intraoperative X-ray can be performed in a timely manner without having to move the patient through an integral C-arm unit for high precision placement of intravascular stent. If the stent is placed even slightly off-kilter, it may have subsequent big negative impact.


The First Private Hospital in Asia with Siemens ICONO Biplane Imaging System in Hybrid Operating Room

MedPark Hospital is the first hospital in Asia that is equipped with a three-dimensional x-ray imaging system or Biplane Imaging System in hybrid O.R. This system will provide detailed 3D-images in one take, reducing the contrast media and exposing patient to less radiation. This decreases the risks that may occur from angiography.


Laparoscopic Surgery Center

Teams of surgical specialists at MedPark Hospital, armed with over 28 years of experience in laparoscopic surgery together with the latest technology and tools, are primed to perform laparoscopic surgery smoothly.

Laparoscopic surgery is reputed for its small incisions, minor tissue trauma, minimal pain, and since internal organs are not exposed to outside air and external environment, this makes the patient recover faster when compared to open surgery. For instance, avoiding direct manual manipulation of internal organs and exposure to low temperature in the operating room prevent swelling of internal organs. For this reason, patients who undergo laparoscopic surgery do not experience fluid overload and recover faster than open surgery.


Patient Preparation and Care

Before surgery is performed whether it be open surgery or laparoscopic surgery, surgeons will assess the patient thoroughly and explain details of the surgery, its benefits, and risks, so that patients can discern a clearer picture of the treatment and prepare themselves appropriately before surgery. This is also the time for patients to pose questions to the surgeon who will answer every question to put the patient at ease and to gain their cooperation, which will increase the safety and reduce surgical risks.

Surgery can last from a few minutes up to a several hours. However, postoperative phase can be longer. MedPark Hospital is ready and experienced in the care of postoperative pain to help the patient recover and return to their normal life as soon as possible.

Because of our preparedness in various aspects, Surgical Clinic at MedPark Hospital can deliver efficient service, care, and carry out surgery to our full potential. We are also geared towards becoming a training center for surgical specialists in the not-too-distant future.