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Orthopedic Center

5th Floor, Counter A (WEST Lift)

Tel. 02-090-3116

8:00 am.- 8:00 pm. / Weekend 8:00 am.- 5:00 pm.

Orthopedics Center


Staffed by a team of highly skilled orthopedic specialists and offering the most advanced technology and surgical techniques, the Orthopedics Center provides specialized expertise in surgical and non-surgical care. The center delivers comprehensive treatment to patients of all ages and for all orthopedic pathologies including disorders of the musculoskeletal system – bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles and nerves – with special emphasis on difficult and complex problems.

Whether the problems stem from injury caused by an accident, recreation or sports, activities of daily living, aging, pediatric conditions or congenital and hereditary orthopedic disorders, our specialists will design an integrated treatment and rehabilitation plan personalized to the individual patient that restores quality of life and allows you to return to an active lifestyle.

The Orthopedics Center will also focus on subspecialties in this field including arthritis, hand and foot surgery, spinal surgeries, pediatric orthopedics, oncology, sports medicine and geriatric orthopedics.

As a hub for respected orthopedic specialists, MedPark ensures the center serves both local and foreign patients to international standards.

Most importantly, we are committed to delivering patient safety as our first priority through a multidisciplinary approach that improves treatment outcomes and speeds up rehabilitation at equitable prices.


Collaboration in treatment planning

To ensure treatment outcomes are effective, the orthopedic specialist will provide each patient with details of the condition, disease or abnormality as well as the proposed treatments, their alternatives and risks of each procedure. This allows the patient to play a role in the decision making and in preparing a treatment plan with which he/she feels comfortable. Through this approach, the specialist and the patient can jointly set goals and work together for the best outcomes.


Creating an impressive experience

The mobility of orthopedic patients is critical to a healthy normal living as impairments can lead to depressed moods and chronic stress. At MedPark, our experienced and competent orthopedic nurses are always on hand to create good first impression and provide empathetic professional care that are conducive to recovery and rehabilitation to prepare patient for independent living at home after discharge.

Developing next generation specialists     

MedPark, in addition to providing patient cares, also embraces the mission to train and develop medical professionals via teaching and research for generations to come to ensure long term growth and perpetual, high-quality running of the center.

At Orthopedic Center, we also place emphasis on continued training through various platforms including enhancement of skills via our modern simulation room equipped with state-of-the-art technology. This regular training aims to ensure the highest quality of services across all dimensions.