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MedPark Hospital Achieves JCI Accreditation

MedPark Hospital Achieves JCI 7th Edition Accreditation, Demonstrating Commitment to International Quality and Safety Standards


MedPark Hospital Achieves JCI
7th Edition Accreditation,
Demonstrating Commitment
to International Quality
and Safety Standards

Joint Commission Certified MedPark Hospital

Bangkok - MedPark Hospital has just received the Joint Commission International (JCI) Gold Seal Approval® 7th edition accreditation for its exceptional healthcare services. This accreditation was granted based on the hospital's performance according to the JCI's Patient-Centered and Health Care Organization Management Standards, encompassing over 1,200 measurable elements. Achieving this accreditation in just two years of operation signifies MedPark's commitment to providing the highest quality and safety standards for MedPark Hospital patients.

Dr. Pongpat Patanavanich, Managing Director of MedPark Hospital, expressed his enthusiasm for the achievement, stating that "receiving JCI accreditation in just two years affirms our commitment to developing the highest quality and safety of patient care. This recognition will inspire our team members and staff to expand the scope of patient care and improve its quality."

MedPark Hospital aims to be a tertiary care hospital that adheres to Integrated Care practices that meets JCI international standards. Its medical team has been involved with establishing the hospital in the building design and the development of treatment and service processes, with a focus on patient safety as a top priority.

According to Ms. Wanee Boonchuailea, Chief Nursing Officer, "JCI accreditation enhances the confidence of foreign patients in receiving medical services. It is not only a source of pride in raising the bar for healthcare services in Thailand, but also reflecting a commitment to continuously improve care excellence."

JCI certificate - MedPark Team

MedPark Hospital's management team, physicians, nurses, and administrative personnel have demonstrated dedication to meeting the rigorous JCI standards, including reviewing qualifications and requirements and ensuring that all departments are fully prepared. The hospital also supports education and research to advance the knowledge of its staff, striving to be a Quaternary Care center and a medical hub for the Asia-Pacific region.

Prof. Jitra Anuras, a MedPark Hospital advisor, expressed her pride in the MedPark team, stating that "this certification is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our staff who tirelessly work to provide patient-centered care with a focus on value-based care, continuous patient care, and alignment with the current societal healthcare landscape."

Joint Commission International (JCI) is a non-profit organization certifying hospital qualities worldwide. JCI has been committed to enhancing the quality and safety of healthcare services provided in hospitals globally for over 75 years. Its meticulous review and certification processes of hospitals ensure compliance with required standards, providing patients with confidence that they will receive quality care equivalent to that of hospitals in Europe and the United States, with the highest safety standards.

Published: 01 May 2023