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Gastroscopy & Colonoscopy Package

By detecting colon cancer in the earlier stage through gastroscopy & colonoscopy, colon cancer is preventable.


At present, colon cancer is at the third in the top ranks of all cancer types that cause fatality for Thai people. MedPark offers gastroscopy & colonoscopy services with advanced technology and the early stage of the Fecal Occult Blood Screening Test.

The medical teams at MedPark Hospital highly emphasize medical ethics principles for the patient and strictly control the performance of the medical professionals. This is mainly applying with the Gastroscopy & Colonoscopy Screening Test; even with advanced technology, the test's efficiency will depend on the doctor's performance. For this reason, MedPark has established an assessment system with a tool to measure the performance of each doctor's screening tests.

Gastroscopy & Colonoscopy Package

  • Endoscopy screening for gastric cancer
    Price 16,500 baht (from 24,410 baht)
  • Endoscopy screening for colon and rectal cancer
    Price 23,100 baht (from 30,380 baht)
  • Endoscopy screening for gastric cancer and colon cancer
    Price 37,400 baht (from 42,700 baht)

    Terms & Conditions: 

    1. The promotion can be used from now – 30 June 2024
    2. The price includes the Gastroenterologist's fee, who perform colonoscopy, but exclusive of the doctor’s medical assessment fee before colonoscopy and any other surgical procedures outside the package.
    3. This price includes OPD nursing service fee and hospital service fee.
    4. The price is exclusive of special medical tools’ fee and biopsy’s fee if the doctor detects any unusual conditions, and there is a need for biopsy for further examination.
    5. This price is exclusive of medications and any additional expenses that may occur if the doctor recommends additional testing.
    6. The price cannot be used in combinations with other promotional campaigns of the hospital or the partners’ companies.

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    Published: 09 Nov 2020