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HPV Vaccine Package

HPV Vaccine reduces the risk of ‘cervical cancer,’ common cancer in women that can be prevented from adolescent years.

Recommended groups to Receive HPV Vaccine  

  • Female/male in puberty.
  • Female/male from 9 years old onwards.

HPV Vaccine Administration 

  • Age of 9 – 14 years are enabling to 2 vaccine shots, 6 months apart
  • Over 15 years are enabling to 1 shot, 3 dosages (Month of 0, 1-2, 6)  
  • A 2-shot of Gardasil HPV Vaccine (4 types including type 6, 11, 16, 18) for children younger than 15 years old  5,600 baht 
  • A 3-shot of Gardasil HPV Vaccine (4 types including: type 6, 11, 16, 18)  8,400 baht
  • A 2-shot of Cervarix HPV Vaccine (2 types including type 16, 18) for children younger than 15 years old 5,200 baht 
  • A 3-shot of Cervarix HPV Vaccine (2 types including: type 16, 18)  7,900 baht 

Terms & Conditions:

  1. The promotion can be used from now – 30 June 2021
  2. The price is exclusive of the obstetrician’s fees, medical services fee and hospital service fees.
  3. The price is exclusive of medications and additional fees if the doctor recommends additional tests if the doctor detects any unusual conditions. 
  4. The price is exclusive of other treatments should the patient has underlying conditions or complications. 
  5. The price cannot be used in combinations with other promotional campaigns.
  6. The price is exclusively for Thai residents and expatriates residing in Thailand only.
  7. MedPark Hospital reserves the right to change terms & conditions and prices without prior notice.

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